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Tel Aviv
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Intro to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv ranks as the second largest city in Israel after Jerusalem and is commonly known as “the White City”. The term white city has been derived from the fact that it has more than 4,000 erected structures built uniquely.

The city was founded back in approximately 1909 as a suburb, but it has gone through various developments and as of now it is a metropolitan city sitting on a large area compared to other cities in Israel.

Tel Aviv is positioned along the Mediterranean Sea coastline of the country and is projected to have a population of almost 500,000 people. Owing to the large numbers of people and the fact that the city sits on a strategic position, the city is regarded as the hub of economic and technological activities in Israel.

What lies in the Tel Aviv Neighborhood?

Tel Aviv has a real welcoming coastline with a major neighborhood being the seashore that goes across Jaffa in the southern region all the way to the Northern side.
There are six main neighborhoods in Tel Aviv:

  1. City center, Lev Hair - from casual restaurants to chic bars, you can find everything in this section of the city. Perfect for - everyone

  2. Neve Tzedek - the oldest, reserved buildings in Tel Aviv are located in this neighborhood. Home to many Israeli celebrities, be sure to keep your smart phone ready… Perfect for – romantic couples

  3. The Old North - located in a walking distance from the beach, the old north of Tel Aviv is a great place to meet and talk with local people. Perfect for - singles

  4. Florentin - branded as the young and restless neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Florentin is a THE place to party, hangout and chill. Perfect for – young at heart

  5. The Beach - the most touristic area in Tel Aviv, you’ll hear more foreign language than Hebrew but it has the most beautiful view of the ocean. Perfect for - families

  6. Shabazi, Kerem Hatemanim - the most, and probably only, authentic place in Tel Aviv. Full with local restaurants and cafes, this is the place to breathe in the Mediterranean culture. Perfect for - singles

Most Popular Sceneries in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the home of the most attractive sceneries which you should never miss on visiting the country. Some of them are as described below.

Museums and Colonnades

Tel Aviv is the home of a large number of colonnades and museums. One of the most famous museums in the city is the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, but other smaller specialized museums exist. Some of the specialized museums are the Bet Hair and the Bauhaus Museum. The two museums mainly provide information on the architecture of Tel-Aviv and its development.

Renowned Rooftops

Tel Aviv city is famous for great nightlife activities and a mesmerizing beach. To enjoy the nightlife in the town, all you have to do is to pay a visit to one of the magnificent rooftops of the city.

The rooftops offer an excellent viewpoint for the Mediterranean Sea and some other beautiful scenes in the country. There are rooftop bars in the city that provide a sanctuary away from the disturbance of the streets.

Rooftop bars in the city provide modern music rhythms and brews that you will keep remembering the rest of your life. Here are some of the popular rooftop bars:

  1. Esperanto Rooftop

    The Esperanto Rooftop Bar is positioned directly opposite the Mediterranean Sea. The rooftop offers Mediterranean Sea viewers a golden viewing chance because it lies along the beach.

    The Esperanto beach is the most popular of all roofs because of its strategic position, and for sure it will offer you an impressive memory.

    The Esperanto and the Carlton inn is a perfect spot in the provision of pleasurable melodies and nightfall cocktails.

  2. Other Rooftop Bars

    Some of the other rooftop bars that offer memorable moments apart from the Esperanto rooftop are the Speakeasy, SuraMare and Poli house.

Night Activities in Tel-Aviv

The city is known for its various night activities. The activities include running, boat riding and cycling. The fact that the events are done at night makes it extremely enjoyable.

The Tel Aviv Night Run covers approximately 10,000 meters and the participants are people above the age of 14.

The race participants are equipped with a running kit, a t-shirt, a measuring chip and a chest number. The night run usually takes place in November. It’s a great opportunity to visit the best parts in the city.