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Most delicious hotel restaurants in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is dubbed as the ‘Mediterranean Capital of Cool’ by the New York Times.

True enough, this vibrant, 24-hour metropolis exudes coolness in every way — the exceptional nightlife, lovely beaches, thriving cultural scene, and incredible food that is at par with the world’s best.

From Jewish, Italian, Spanish, Vegan, and homegrown Israeli delicacies, you’ll never run out of options when it comes to dining options here.

But when you prefer convenience and a more pampered experience, then the in-house restaurants in these hotels might be your best choice.

Read below our pick of the most delicious hotel restaurants in Tel Aviv:

Bell Boutique and Spa Hotel

Located right at the city center of Tel Aviv and overlooking the beautiful Tel Aviv’s beachfront, this quaint family hotel gives you the comfort and excellent value for money. But most tourists would vouch for their delish food choices.

The hotel is famous for it vast selection of Israeli breakfast, where guests can enjoy a wide variety of fresh fruits, breads, cereals, salads, cheeses, and other continental and Mediterranean cuisines.

The daily breakfast offering is something that tourists love and rave about this hotel.

Brown Tel Aviv Urban Hotel

This hotel sits where the action happens, that is why it is very famous among business travelers and young individuals wanting to experience what the city has to offer — the arts and culture scene, bars and nightlife, beaches, and shopping.

The hotel is famous for its modern and cozy bar — the Rooftop Bar. The Rooftop Bar boasts of open air Jacuzzi and lounge chairs overlooking Tel Aviv’s skyline. Enjoy great drinks selection during warm night is a must.

After having dinner at the Rooftop Bar, opt to explore the city center surrounding the hotel. Its very easy to roam around with many hotels, motels, bars, and restaurants in the area.

Hotel Nordoy

This is, no doubt, one of the famous boutique hotels in Tel Aviv. It has been standing a long time but the quaint hotel underwent a renovation, featuring modern, contemporary interiors combined with European charm that is well loved by travelers.

For a fancier dining, the hotel offers Cafe Nordoy with great selection of specially curated cuisines by the famous chef Einav Azguri.

The cafe took its inspiration from the cafes of Europe. If you want to taste something other than local Israeli dishes, this is the place to be. Reservation here is a must.

Jacob Samuel Hotel

This European inspired boutique hotel offers guests a warm, cozy stay amidst the stunning view of Tel Aviv’s lovely beaches.

What makes this hotel even more interesting? Its Cafe Popular Bistro and Bar that offers amazing fine dining experience. The cafe was developed in cooperation with four of Israel's most influential restaurateurs and is open daily from breakfast to dinner.

It’s breakfast selection is simply superb while lunch and dinner choices have French influences designed by renowned Chef Avi. The bar also has a great wine selection and offer various alcoholic beverages and tapas menu.

Orchid Tel Aviv

Voted as one of the best hotels in Tel Aviv, Orchid is also centrally located and has an outstanding view of the beach.

Aside from spacious and well-designed rooms, guests of the hotel rave about its huge breakfast selections that offers various cuisines.

Israeli cuisines are served as well as other cuisines with European influences.

Royal Beach Hotel Tel Aviv

This luxurious hotel offers nothing but luxurious treats — huge rooms, outstanding services, and superb fine dining experience.

The West Side Restaurant, a fancy gourmet restaurant facing the sea is something the guests always talk about whenever they get asked about their stay.

West Side Restaurant’s serve Israeli and Mediterranean cuisines with a twist. It has a selection of bread, soup, fish and meat cuisines, vegetable dishes, and desserts which are prepared in a fancy manner. Each has unique names as well. The restaurant is open all day, from breakfast to dinner.

Book your hotel today and visit these awesome restaurants. Enjoy Tel Aviv at its finest!