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Best hotel rooftops in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a beautiful city with an extraordinary view. You can take a step back and view the beaches and the lively urban city from afar and the best way to do this is by visiting the amazing hotel rooftops in the city.

After a whole day of walking around, having a quick drink while enjoying the view can be a rewarding experience. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best hotel rooftops and some tips on how to enjoy them.

Brown TLV

Their rooftop bar is probably one of Tel Aviv’s busy hubs for the young individuals. The ambiance is amazing with its open air Jacuzzi and cozy lounge chairs overlooking the metropolis.

Brown Tel Aviv’s rooftop bar has a wide selection of liquors. It is also near key places of interests, that is why it is a famous hotel among tourists on business and holidays. The hotel interiors have a warm, urban vibe as well.

Hotel Nordoy

The hotel stands as an icon right in the heart of the White City. Its classic facade, mixed with modern interior continue to amaze locals and tourists alike.

Aside from its famous cafe, Nordoy also boast of its rooftop lounge where one can enjoy a quiet time over a glass of beer or wine. According to guests, the calm, serene vibe of the lounge, along with its selection of lounge music is something that they look forward to after a whole day of exploring the city.

Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel

The hotel offers a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea and just going to the rooftop to see the beach and have a good drink is definitely an extraordinary experience. The rooftop also has a Jacuzzi for guests to enjoy.

Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel

The Esperanto Bar is situated on top of Carlton Tel Aviv. Everybody loves its feel good vibe — a wooden deck and a gorgeous seafront view offering a classy night out.

The bars’ great selection of liquors is a must-try. Every month, they have a signature cocktail that is uniquely crafted, plus, their snacks are worth every penny.

Hotel Indigo Tel Aviv

Hotel indigo rooftop has a pool and a bar often visited by locals and tourists. Located at the 10th floor of the hotel, the rooftop has a large terrace with infinity pool.

It has comfy lounges, fresh cocktails and drinks, and of course, tapas to go with it. With DJ’s playing great tunes, a night at the Hotel Indigo rooftop can take all your stress away. Note that the bar is only open for guests.

Royal Beach Hotel Tel Aviv

There’s no doubt that Royal Beach is one of Tel Aviv’s premiere hotel. The service is excellent and the food, always on point. On top of the hotel is a stunning infinity pool overlooking the great view of the city.

The Chill Out Bar by the pool has a great menu selection with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and light food to go with it.

Sweet Inn Florentin

The Sweet Inn provides premier apartments for guests in prime locations. The one in Florentin district has a rooftop that offers a warm ambiance perfect for relaxation.

The rooftop can also be rented as a place for parties.

Poli House Boutique Hotel

The rooftop bar on Poli House Hotel has a wide selection of drinks concocted by expert mixologists. This, paired with a wide array of tapas menu, is something guests rave about.

The rooftop bar also offers the best nightlife experience with music from some of Tel Aviv’s best DJ’s. Their collection of local and international beers is also a must-try.